Solar Panels

The photovoltaic panel is formed by a set of cells or photovoltaic cells that produce electricity from solar light on them.


The pellet: a revolutionary process of heating your home. The scheme illustrates synthetically the transformation process…

Thermal Panels

A solar water heater uses the sun’s energy to heat a liquid which transfers heat to a heat storage tank.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels Available.

About Seyma Solar S.L.

We are a young company albeit our workforce has spent many years in this sector acquiring a wealth of experience along the way.We are wholeheartedly committed to the environment and clean free energy.We have an engineering department on hand to study and size the facilities and we are integrated in all processing programs of the Junta de Andalusia grants sector.

Stove Pellets

Stove Pellets Available.

Sustainable construction in andalucia

Seyma Solar S.L. is integrated in the program that promotes sustainable construction in Andalusia. It is aimed at encouraging citizens, businesses and organizations by promotion and incentives of the awareness of cost saving, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in buildings in Andalusia.

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